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Property Calc is the answer

Homes Sales.com.au - Property Calc 

Property research often brings with it a multitude of questions, but the biggest is often, can I really afford this?
There are many hidden costs to owning a property that you need to know, so make sure you have all the answers before taking the leap.

PropCalc is the essential property research tool for anyone looking to make an informed decision about buying a property. The tool provides you with a personalised cash flow result so you can easily identify if the property is within your reach.

With PropCalc, buyers can choose to use the property specific data automatically generated or to put in their own information and receive a very real cost to owning a property.

How Prop Calc Works for you?

PropCalc uses property specific information to provide you with the real cost to owning a property. Use the generated information or add your own for a personalised cost. Key suburb data is provided, and the tool features the ability to include changes in interest rates, maintenance costs, rates, insurance and much more, making property research a breeze.   .

  • Use PropCalc to determine the cash flow needed to own a property, either your next home or investment property. The calculator takes into account the range of different costs that are involved with owning an investment property versus your own home and as such can provide specific calculations that cater to both situations.
  • The calculator uses data such as income, stamp duty, deposit amount, expenses, rental income and tax depreciation figures (for investment properties) to provide an accurate after tax figure.
  • For those less familiar with the housing market, PropCalc prefills with suburb averages, in line with the property you are interested in, to provide users with a real result that they can use to help make informed decisions on their next property purchase.
  • PropCalc even allows you to change the cash flow results to be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly to fit your situation. Available as an online tool or as a downloadable app, PropCalc is the must have tool to find your next move
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Property Calc by Homesales.com.au

Check out Homesales.com.au,  Property Calc now. This is an essential tool for anyone looking to buy a property